a dream

last night i dreamt that i was invited to read at a big event, a selection from an anthology. when i take to the stage i realize my piece is not my piece, and i can’t read what’s written there because it’s orange letters on a red background, and that’s impossible with my ridiculous vision.

so i make it up then i admit it isn’t mine. “sometimes you throw words on the page and hope it makes sense. then you submit your messy work to a call for submissions and it’s accepted and you’re thrilled. to see it in print, you think is it mine? did i write this? no, i did not. what does it mean? who am i?” then i proceed to tell the crowd who i am.

the crowd goes wild with laughter.

when i exit stage left i tell the editor that i don’t think the piece is is mine and he agrees, there’s been a mistake. orange word salad on a red page.

what does this mean?