dear imaginary readers of this blog, i’m pleased that my book of shorts HOW TO PICK UP A MAID IN STATUE SQUARE has placed on the long short list for the ReLit Awards! for more info on the award and all the nominees, check here. and read a short story, any short story, will you? … Read more

on the night of the supermoon

i lie awake and think about the flood.  it is happening all around me.  helicopters flying all night long, checking the levels of the glenmore reservoir. dreaming, jumbled images of war. soldiers advancing across dark fields, animals floating down bloated rivers.  there’s mud everywhere.  i can feel the mud clinging to my bared feet.  the … Read more


in a recent New Yorker podcast, Richard Ford states that novelists cannot be perfectionistic, that it doesn’t fit the novelistic form; however, this trait fits the short story form. this really got me thinking, took me on tangents into the writing/personal. last year, i tried to write a novel and it fucking freaked me out. … Read more

a letter from alice

sweet jesus, i returned home to a letter from Alice Munro.  did you know that she tapes her envelopes for good measure?  says a lot about her.  

dear alice #4

dear alice dear imaginary readers of this blog, i have won a writing prize called The Brenda Strathern “Late Bloomers” Award.   it’s for people over the age of 40 who are looking to publish their first book. that’s me. with the monies i will go forth into the creative vortex known as The Banff … Read more