dear imaginary readers of this blog, okay, so i won a writing contest, the Little Bird Writing Contest offered through Sarah Selecky’s Writing Program. it feels great to finish a piece and also be acknowledged for the work. writing in a vacuum is hard, you know? rea PS here’s a little press for a little … Read more

ambiguity in fiction

i’ve just read an interview of Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, in which he discusses three qualities of exciting short stories, or the stories he’ll publish in the magazine: a voice, a narrator with urgency a narrator who tries to persuade you he/she is telling the truth wisdom, a kind of moral authority, or an … Read more

born with a tooth

i’m reading Joseph Boyden’s collection titled BOTH WITH A TOOTH and it’s fucking fine writing. the forward propulsion, sentence by sentence, is engrossing. here’s a sample from a story titled “Born With a Tooth”: It was three months, close to the ice breakup that first winter, before my wolf finally trusted me enough to stay … Read more

bull head

i’m re-reading a collection of shorts BULL HEAD by John Vigna. what a collection. the writer’s unflinching scrutiny of the brutality of small town life in the Crowsnest Pass is something else. beautiful and painful. here’s an excerpt from a story called ‘Gas Bar’: “And then what?” She wipes her eyes and nose on the … Read more

where in the world is jesus hardwell?

i’ll admit i’m quite curious about writer Jesus Hardwell who published a slim book of shorts called “Easy Living”. it’s wonderful writing. i’ve read it three fucking times. jesus’s a character writer and a little trippy so if you like Dennis Johnson, you’ll love Jesus Hardwell. they may even be the same person, karmically, if … Read more

obsessed with shorts

here are a couple links to people who review a short story/day ALL MONTH LONG.  that’s dedication/obsession. i like the idea of visiting with a story each day, kind of like catching up with an old friend and talking crazy stuff over.  like the time you played cowboys and indians through the dug up streets … Read more

it’s short story month

okay, top 10 list of what i consider, in my  (warped) opinion, the best short stories i’ve read to date.  when i say best i mean memorable.  on this particular day and in no particular order. “Emergency” by Dennis Johnson “Paper Lantern” by Stuart Dybek “Pounding their Shadows” by Anthony De Sa “Swimming in Zanzibar” … Read more

wowza.  30,000 pounds for one short story.  one fucking fine short story: