the end

i typed the end on a first draft. this is an accomplishment. now, it rests.

call and response

this is my response to the books i’ve read in 2023, short and immediate. i have no memory of ASTRA, and i don’t think that’s good, do you? DAUGHTER OF THE DEER was lovely but needed an edit. LOST CHILDREN ARCHIVE was complex and trying a bit too hard, TBH. but that’s okay. SUPERFAN was … Read more

best of 2023

dear imaginary readers, it’ll be good to see the end of 2023. it’s been a challenging year, good and not so good challenges, but here i am, writing a few words to sum up my year. it’s life. i definitely read good books, listened to good music, and watched good TV, you know? WRITING i’ve … Read more

stop making sense

it was a long time ago that the talking heads hit it big. man, their music was EVERYWHERE. in the summer of 1983, i ran a lakeside campground in my small town with my brother, and it was hard hard hard work, but it was fun. i remember a group from a nearby town rented … Read more


working, working, working. it’s going well, and i don’t want to jinx it, but this screenplay is really taking shape, you know? FYI i’m prepping for the next screenwriting course (#3) in September, and have act 2 prepped for it. wish me luck. PS imaginary readers, i did it. 59 pages.


inspiration comes in many forms, including contemporary music for a story set in 1920s. huh.

2022 (a review)

dear imaginary readers of this blog, another year. i moved into my own house this year and it’s been busy getting settled, but it feels good, you know? it’s peaceful. anyway, my office is cosy and i’ve got a serious shelving shortage to attend to in the new year, but that’s definitely fixable. and i’m … Read more

top 10 short stories (2022)

okay, top 10 list of what i consider, in my limited opinion, the best short stories i’ve read to date.  when i say best i mean memorable.  on this particular day, in this particular year, and in no particular order. “Emergency” by Denis Johnson “So Late in the Day” by Claire Keegan anything by Tessa … Read more

a publication

i have a story upcoming in TNQ. it’s called “the paradise motel” and it’s about a teenaged girl named Marty who works in a cleaning crew at, you guessed it, the paradise motel. i’m slowly building a MS of linked shorts about teenaged girls that’s set in the 70s. i’m trying to give my stories … Read more

2022 is a fucking mess

this year, for a variety of reasons, i’ve limped along rewriting my MS, and i’ve taken to writing out prompts. recently, i wrote a good one and i share it with you here, my imaginary readers of this blog, because it was fun. i’m currently writing it out into a short story, also fun. god … Read more