a writer/professional

this week, i’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a writer who is professional. by that, i mean someone who takes their writing seriously, as opposed to a technical writer. i believe a professional attitude is key to success, however a writer defines success.

what does this mean?  i believe in the following:

  1. building a secure environment so that you can write
  2. providing/accepting support to/from fellow writers
  3. ensuring your work is the best it can be when you submit
  4. both being mentored and mentoring others
  5. working together with editors in mutually respectful ways
  6. dealing with rejection in a mature manner
  7. nurturing collaboration where it fits for you

it’s a small writing community and each must take responsibility for their involvement. this is not to say a writer must do a million things, but i do believe that involvement in the community, to some degree, is what separates the amateur from the professional. besides,it’s a decent thing to do, acting and reacting professionally.

are you professional in your writing life?