where in the world is jesus hardwell?

i’ll admit i’m quite curious about writer Jesus Hardwell who published a slim book of shorts called “Easy Living”. it’s wonderful writing. i’ve read it three fucking times. jesus’s a character writer and a little trippy so if you like Dennis Johnson, you’ll love Jesus Hardwell. they may even be the same person, karmically, if you believe that sorta thing.

here’s an interview of the elusive writer: http://numerocinqmagazine.com/2012/01/17/my-search-for-jesus-hardwell-profile-interview-by-ian-colford/

after the interview, i have no sense for the writer as a person, not really.  my question is, did Jesus Hardwell rename himself?

what would you rename yourself if you were so inclined?

PS  i think i’d go with Beatrice. i had an old high school friend who called me Bea, i don’t know why, i can’t remember. i should track her down and find out.

PPS then i’d be queen bea.

PPPS Jesus Hardwell lives in Guelph, Ontario