here are seven obscure facts about me:

  1. i was offered a substantial art scholarship to Emily Carr Art College and turned it down.
  2. my fingerprints are on file.  i trained with the RCMP in a pilot project of civilians manning wire taps. the project was scrapped.
  3. i was a party girl at a department store where i filled corporate toy orders for Christmas parties.
  4. my jaw was surgically broken to correct an underbite.
  5. when i was a nurse, i was sucker punched in the head by a manic psych patient who then grabbed me by my hair and wouldn’t let go.  it was a lengthy stand-off in a hot room.
  6. my Dad was in the RCMP and my Mom was a nurse.  serving society was a family norm. this is a lingering curse.  see item #1.
  7. i taught my Mom to swim when she turned 50.