obscure, obsessed

a conversation about the artistic process by Patti Smith and David Lynch. both seem to accept the weirdness of their artistic processes and don’t rationalize.  “i’m not obscure by design,” says Patti and explains how she just runs with what comes to her, what obsesses her. Patti talks about an image of Jerry Garcia coming and then, a song was born.  she called it ‘Grateful’ for a variety of reasons. David Lynch talks about how the song ‘Blue Velvet’ by Bobby Vinton provided him with a series of images that included a severed ear, all fodder for his classic movie BLUE VELVET.  that is one weird/wacky/wonderful movie.

it’s the little obsessions that worm into your subconscious.

this week, i’m obsessed with a burned man’s photo and the Victorian mask created to provide him with some modesty.  the mask is simultaneously tragic and noble.  it’s fucking killing me. i can’t get the images out of my head.