kirby vacuum

1. my MIL bought the Kirby at a yard sale for $50. it was in its original case, mint condition.

3. i was wary of the Kirby at first glance; I didn’t think something so old would be useful.

4. my MIL had to talk me into the Kirby when she offered it to me. i think my reluctance offended her sensibilities; as an immigrant, she was always on the lookout for a bargain.

5. the Kirby was old and heavy, constructed of metal cast and burgundy plastic and plaid fabric, with a light on the front.

6. the light had a hood over it, like an eyelid.

7. some of the metal was ridged, like car grilles from the 50s.

8. the fabric bag had a long zipper and it was there that you emptied the dust by hand.

9. i hated emptying the Kirby.

10. when you started the Kirby it surged forward, self-propelled. it led me around the house.

11. the engine was very loud and growled.

12. you could raise and lower the Kirby’s clearance by use of a pedal. the vacuum thudded to the ground, shaking the floorboards.

13. sometimes the Kirby could swerve out of control when i rounded a corner, but there was a rubber bumper pad all the way around the motor head.

14. the kirby was powerful and had strong suction.

15. i don’t know why but i never used any of the extra hoses and attachments.

16. my dog was frightened of the Kirby.

17. come to think of it, i was frightened of the Kirby.