killer quote

“writing is defiance,” says John Vigna, short story genius.

defiance is defined as “the act or instance of defying:  challenge” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  i’ve been thinking on this one and trying to figure out who or what a writer defies and i think i’ve figured it out.  it’s your self.  it’s a challenge to not write safe; to write like a motherfucker as Cheryl Strayed says. to put aside personal and social norms and expectations. to  just write.

Vigna’s book BULLHEAD is a dark exploration of men who are trying, failing to make the right decisions.  set in the Elk Valley, it’s an unflinching look at small town people who fuck up.

ps it’s right up my bowling alley.

pps remember the feeling of varnished wood under the soles of those shoes?