abandoned suitcases

an article/project about abandoned suitcases.


i’ve worked with mentally ill folks and the stuff they packed was fascinating. in my days in the ER doing psych assessments, i would ask to see their suitcases. you can tell a lot by the manner in which a bag is packed and, also, by who packed it. there’s a lotta love in a schizophrenic’s suitcase packed by his elderly mother.

one of my most memorable suitcases was actually a handbag, circa 1960s, in which a delightful older woman packed bright orange lipsticks along with an arthritic barbie doll she’d dressed in hand-knit barbie clothing. “just in case my granddaughter comes to visit,” she explained. she didn’t know where she was but she was anticipating a visit.

barbies and lipsticks. fuck of a way to live one’s life.

what’s in your suitcase?  and what’s the name of your favourite lipstick?

PS  everlasting plum