my dad

  1. after Dad retired from the RCMP he had a rough re-entry into civilian life as a realtor, where you had to explain yourself. he was used to acting with authority in public.
  2. although he wasn’t much of a cook, he loved cooking stir fry in a big wok.
  3. golf was his church.
  4. he had a pair of brogues that he resoled, over and over again.
  5. Dad refused to manage his health and, as a result, died at age 60.
  6. throughout my childhood, he smelled of mints and aqua velva. in the 80s he upgraded to Paco Rabenne. i missed the aqua velva.
  7. what a reader. he was always reading. Leon Uris, John Le Carre, and Canadiana like Pierre Berton.
  8. he argued a lot with his sister and sometimes they didn’t speak. i don’t know why. i think he could hold a grudge.
  9. nonetheless, he was a hugger.
  10. he had a scar on his forehead, a reminder of a battle with a bucking chainsaw.

today i’ll take a long healthy walk and remember my Dad.