top 10 short stories (2022)

okay, top 10 list of what i consider, in my limited opinion, the best short stories i’ve read to date.  when i say best i mean memorable.  on this particular day, in this particular year, and in no particular order.

  1. “Emergency” by Denis Johnson
  2. “So Late in the Day” by Claire Keegan
  3. anything by Tessa Hadley because she’s quietly subversive
  4. anything by Tamas Dobozy because his voice is distinct
  5. “Burn Man on a Texas Porch” by Mark Anthony Jarman
  6. “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver
  7. “Paper Lantern” by Stuart Dybek
  8. “Gas Bar” by John Vigna
  9. “The Fjord of Eternity” by Lisa Moore
  10. “Gravel” by Alice Munro, mostly in memory of an old friend of mine