at sherman’s deli

at sherman’s deli, 4 young servicemen in fatigue jumpsuits and work boots eat eggs. old gay men in floral shirts stare at the 4 young servicemen like they’re on the menu. there’s an old woman wearing a straw hat on a string of pink yarn. when she knocks the hot sauce over, the latino busboy … Read more

a dream

last night i dreamt that i was invited to read at a big event, a selection from an anthology. when i take to the stage i realize my piece is not my piece, and i can’t read what’s written there because it’s orange letters on a red background, and that’s impossible with my ridiculous vision. … Read more

the letter e

when i was 13 and hated my self, my life, my social studies teacher, i chucked my textbook in the river. then i smoked 3 cigarettes and threw up.  i don’t know why.  it was June and the sudden heat was stifling.  the river was high, swirling and full of dead wood.  i thought i … Read more

writing prompt: a favourite location

the airport has the weirdest carpets. i don’t know where you source a length of carpet with such big graphics. so abstract. the triangles, the edges and misshapen dots. the pattern is so big i cannot focus on it in it’s entirety. i fight the urge to lie down on the carpet of travellers, feel … Read more

the lido cafe

i had the funniest dream.  i dreamt i was drinking coffee with Jeramy Dodds at the lido cafe. he kept stacking empty creamers into different shapes. the waitress’ name was mitzi. #whatdoesthismean