(let’s) burn this motherfucking system to the ground

it’s been a week. i’m not fond of November because it’s dark. the news is fucking unrelenting. and then there’s this year-long realization of conditions in the misogynistic literary landscape. i had hopes. i did. the evidence isn’t supporting my hopes. then this article came along ‘on pandering’ and it’s got me thinking: where am … Read more (let’s) burn this motherfucking system to the ground

you never stop learning, do you?

i’ve learned one or two things in the last couple of years. i’m no longer interested in spending time with narcissistic people. life is too short. i’m thankful that i’ve uncovered the reasons* why i’ve historically attracted then tolerated these exhausting behaviours. you never stop learning, do you? *The Sergeant’s Daughter Syndrome *my mother


recently, i read an essay by Meghan Daum that really struck me. i’m still processing the essay for it’s honesty not the details, although the details are beautifully written. substantiative. the essay’s unsettling because it’s horrifyingly honest if that makes any sense–and it makes sense to me. here’s an excerpt: If you asked me what … Read more honesty