at sherman’s deli

at sherman’s deli, 4 young servicemen in fatigue jumpsuits and work boots eat eggs. old gay men in floral shirts stare at the 4 young servicemen like they’re on the menu. there’s an old woman wearing a straw hat on a string of pink yarn. when she knocks the hot sauce over, the latino busboy … Read more


here are seven obscure facts about me: i was offered a substantial art scholarship to Emily Carr Art College and turned it down. my fingerprints are on file.  i trained with the RCMP in a pilot project of civilians manning wire taps. the project was scrapped. i was a party girl at a department store … Read more

my hometown

i left Sicamous in the 80s, tired of the small town lack of privacy, tired of gender role expectations. i remember thinking, as i waved my parents goodbye from the window of a greyhound bus, that i was free for the first time in my life. the city provides anonymity and space to discover oneself, … Read more

the publishing world

nepotism. i try not to care. most of the time i can stay true to myself but it’s hard. when you hear that the publishing house is only accepting manuscripts “on referral”. when the same writers appear, time and time again, in literary magazines. when it’s clear it’s who you know not what you write. … Read more