the boys files are thick with reports and diagrams, notes and questions. there are many medical words in the files, blunt words like infection and gangrene, necrosis and debridement. but there is a strange beauty for each file contains sketches of the boys, with a fading purple or blue background. there is the sketch of … Read morefiles


i’m out of lipstick. like any teenaged girl with any self-respect, i steal it from the drugstore. under the watchful eye of the pharmacist, i edge past the magazine rack, pore over shampoo labels before arriving at the heaven that is drugstore makeup. they’re out of my regular “Reckless Red” and i’m forced into the … Read moremarty

an argument

“let’s get a dog.” “we don’t have room in the flat.” “how about a small dog? we could fit it in, couldn’t we?” “but i like big dogs.” “listen. dog’s a dog. faithful. i ever tell you about the first time i saw you? your heels were too high and you were knock-kneed from the … Read morean argument