uh, that was a weird trip to the Banff Centre. diagnosis: strep throat.  great medical attention available at the clinic at the Banff Centre,  if you must know, but that’s beside the point. it was -40 degrees the entire time. i managed approximately eight pages of new material before i fell into bed for three … Read more slayed


i’ve got nothing, nada, not one thing to say.  this is a problem because i’m writing a lot and i wonder if this apathy translates into my work.  lordy, this writing business–it’s like walking through sludge. somebody bring me a cool compress, i’m swooning.  and a gimlet, whatever that is. do you have the recipe … Read more nothing


last year, i attended a writing conference and spent a week fleshing out the main characters of a book i’m writing. throughout the process, fellow writers commented that my character’s name, Mike Blank, was annoying. it’s the repetition of the ‘k’ sounds. they all agreed that i needed to come up with a new name. … Read more MIKE BLANK