dear alice

congratulations on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. what an accomplishment. when i think of all those stories, all those characters, all those details. it’s mind boggling. you’ve worked so hard, Alice. i don’t know why but i keep thinking about your husband. i wish he was here to celebrate with you. please know that … Read more dear alice

dear alice #9

dear alice, we held the “what alice munro means to me as a writer” panel at the library and it was terrific. i’m sorry you weren’t there. approx. 30 people showed up and we talked about you, your stories, your example of how to live and write. stylistic differences/likes and dislikes aside, the consensus was … Read more dear alice #9

dear alice #2

dear alice, seeing as i already know you, i have a favour to ask. could you please appeal to The New Yorker on my friend Lee Kvern’s behalf? she’d very much like a story placed in that magazine and you must know somebody there who could help.  i’ve enclosed a copy of her story “White” … Read more dear alice #2