platform a landing alongside railroad tracks.  you’re waiting. coal trains flashing past. most of the time you can’t speak on a train platform. there’s too much noise. and the anxiety about the ticket. where is it? should i move it to another pocket? check, double check. tiresome. this year i’ve watched writers who are so … Read more

the sergeant’s daughter

here’s a piece of creative non-fiction i wrote about (not) belonging. sometimes i wonder if i don’t belong because i’m a woman but that’s a dark thought on this beautiful sunny day. i think it’s the tired talking. here’s the link:,%20id%20ASC

on being a (wo)man

dear imaginary readers of the blog, it’s been a misogynistic couple of weeks. you know, Ursula Le Guin’s essay on being a failed man is thought provoking.  as an older woman, she was born just as women were considered persons. she tried to live as a man and now she’s old, and considering living as an old … Read more

a singular woman

Mavis Gallant has died at age 91 in Paris. a short story writer who was born in Canada, she lived her adult life in Paris. she wrote about expats living in Europe and themes of alienation/loneliness emerged.  the stories of people living in-between cultures and their often shabby personal lives. i’ve read some of her … Read more