it’s the 25th anniversary of The Women’s Prize aka The Orange Prize. i’ve listed the winners below. i resolve to read each of these books over the next 6 months and track the greatness. i could use the inspiration TBH. in reality, i’ve read only 4 of the books listed below and my memory is … Read more

10 (again)

time for a list. top 10 books that carry weight in my adult(ish) mind. a list on this particular day, for no particular reason, in no particular order: 1. WIDE SARGASSO SEA by Jean Rhys2. THE SUN ALSO RISES by Hemingway3. OLD FILTH by Jane Gardam4. JESUS’ SON by Denis Johnson5. THE REMAINS OF THE … Read more

reading 2019; a discussion

it’s been a year. reading through 2019 was weird, starts and stops, some slowly read books and some quickly read books and some abandoned books. this year i set down any book that lacked emotional truth. i plan to continue that practice, in reading and in life. i was saved by words and sentences, saved … Read more

top 10 books of 2018

it’s always hard to pick the best books you’ve read until it isn’t. they jump out at you. 2018 was a difficult year for obvious and less obvious reasons: the news cycle continued anxiety-provoking, and there were personal losses in my life that i won’t go into because they’re difficult–death and loss and the inevitable … Read more

top 5 short story collections of 2017

this year i’m giving short stories their own list because they fucking deserve it.** and besides, there’s too much of an emphasis on novels. but keep in mind that i don’t always read collections in their publication year. i mix it up. some of the collections i read this year are older (like 20 years … Read more

top 10 books of 2017

i read a lotta books in 2017 but i lost track, didn’t properly record them. the year was too much, too much. i’m working from memory here; please forgive me, please forgive my omissions. i am too little and too much. 2017 was an absolute shit show from a reading perspective because, as a news … Read more

top 10 books

here are my top reads for 2016. in no particular order, for no particular reason. my reasons for loving a book are divergent. sometimes it’s a premise, a tone, a setting. sometimes it’s where i read the story that means so much. i don’t know. i try not to think about it too much. because. … Read more

books i read in 2016

The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh (genre) Toby’s Room by Pat Barker (novel) Night Moves by Richard Van Camp (short stories) How to write a sentence by Stanley Fish (craft) 19 Knives by Mark Anthony Jarman (reread)(short stories) NW by Zadie Smith (novel) Critical Condition by Patrick Finn (criticism)(partial read) The Quick by Barbara Scott … Read more

books i read in 2015

here they are. i’m missing a few because i forgot to write them down. Anatomy of a Girl Gang by Ashley Little (fiction) Missing Men by Joyce Johnson (CNF) Minor Characters by Joyce Johnson (CNF) Journey Prize Anthology #26 (2014)(short stories) Novelists by CP Boyko (short stories) (half-read) The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry (fiction) … Read more

one word, one sentence, one paragraph

in this world of striving for who-knows-what that is known as writing long, i’m reminded of the importance of one. one word, one sentence, one paragraph. one at a time. slowly, an emotional line is drawn and it pulls the reader through. thanks to Alison Pick for reminding me. she read a piece a couple … Read more