top 10 books

here are my top reads for 2016. in no particular order, for no particular reason. my reasons for loving a book are divergent. sometimes it’s a premise, a tone, a setting. sometimes it’s where i read the story that means so much. i don’t know. i try not to think about it too much. because. … Read more top 10 books

books i read in 2016

The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh (genre) Toby’s Room by Pat Barker (novel) Night Moves by Richard Van Camp (short stories) How to write a sentence by Stanley Fish (craft) 19 Knives by Mark Anthony Jarman (reread)(short stories) NW by Zadie Smith (novel) Critical Condition by Patrick Finn (criticism)(partial read) The Quick by Barbara Scott … Read more books i read in 2016

top 10 scary books

The Shining by Stephen King Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin* Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy Lord of the Flies by William Golding Out by Natsuo Kirino Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad The Truth and Reconciliation Commission report on Residential Schools by The Canadian Government The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafta Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor … Read more top 10 scary books


time for a list. top 10 books that carry weight in my adult(ish) mind. a list on this particular day, for no particular reason, in no particular order: OFFSHORE by Penelope Fitzgerald TENDER IS THE NIGHT by F. Scott Fitzgerald BEAUTIFUL RUINS by Jess Walter AS I LAY DYING by William Faulkner WIDE SARGASSO SEA … Read more 10