bull head

i’m re-reading a collection of shorts BULL HEAD by John Vigna. what a collection. the writer’s unflinching scrutiny of the brutality of small town life in the Crowsnest Pass is something else. beautiful and painful. here’s an excerpt from a story called ‘Gas Bar’: “And then what?” She wipes her eyes and nose on the … Read more

obsessed with shorts

here are a couple links to people who review a short story/day ALL MONTH LONG.  that’s dedication/obsession. i like the idea of visiting with a story each day, kind of like catching up with an old friend and talking crazy stuff over.  like the time you played cowboys and indians through the dug up streets … Read more

it’s short story month

okay, top 10 list of what i consider, in my  (warped) opinion, the best short stories i’ve read to date.  when i say best i mean memorable.  on this particular day and in no particular order. “Emergency” by Dennis Johnson “Paper Lantern” by Stuart Dybek “Pounding their Shadows” by Anthony De Sa “Swimming in Zanzibar” … Read more