everything Anne Enright says in this Guardian piece is the fucking best. everything. and i’m printing it off, laminating it, and hanging it on my fridge because it’s fucking true. here’s a section: I have no problem with failure – it is success that makes me sad. Failure is easy. I do it every day, … Read more

the girl with tourette’s

the girl with Tourette’s is on a roll and can’t stop, pressing her tight lips together. “fuckfuckshitfuck,” she says and apologizes. spitting swear words, sounds, she’s scratching a record uniquely her own. she’s got copropraxic rhythm. marie is her name and she’s small. she moves in short, long, short.  like she’s shoving through a crowd at a … Read more


i’ve been fucking around on twitter and shortlisted for a CBC challenge “lawmakers & lawbreakers”.  here’s my tweet story, a bite-sized excerpt from a noir-styled story i wrote a couple of years ago titled ‘Dent’. it’s contained within a fabulous anthology titled ‘Stampede Queens’ that we’re trying to publish. he deserved it, says Phil. i … Read more

object memory

i read a book recently that is lingering.  THE HARE WITH AMBER EYES by Edmund De Waal is a family memoir that traces the secret lives of tiny Japanese wood and ivory carvings, called netsuke through his family history. historically, it’s significant.  yet there’s something fascinating about De Waal’s obsession with the object that’s captured … Read more

those old stories

chainsaws, cedar bark and woodchip on orthopedic chair rests. double dutch doors. summertime heat.  wandering empty streets on friday and saturday nights.  running through sherlock’s field; lost in a forest of cornstalks.  saved, somehow, by the canadian flag at the husky.  muscle cars running, racing to the edge of town, back again.  those old stories … Read more