stranded, far from home

“Let’s get out of here,” said Maggie.  Together, they ran back to the car and drove away before traffic came to a complete standstill, the road clogged with firewatchers streaming out from the city for a glimpse of the fire. The Saints played on the radio, a song about being stranded far from home. Maggie … Read more

my stereo stand

yes, i have a stereo stand with a record player.  a fucking record player. it’s a bit dusty but i still use it.  and scattered across the top of the stereo stand are the following CDs: The National Trouble will Find me Joe Henry Fuse Deerhof Breakup Song alt-J An Awesome Wave Club des Belugas … Read more

top 10 albums

on this rainy day, in no particular order: Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order The Suburbs by Arcade Fire Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division Summerteeth by Wilco Unplugged in New York by Nirvana Best of Bowie by David Bowie London Calling by The Clash You Forgot it in People by Broken Social Scene Time … Read more

inspiration by tom waits

There are songs you have to sneak up on like you’re hunting for a rare bird. And songs that come to you fully intact like a dream through a straw. And other songs you find like bits of gum under your desk that you have to scrape off… Tom Waits