a giant eyeball

a giant eyeball washes ashore in Florida and i’m printing out the story and adding it to my file marked “stranger than fiction”. here’s the link:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/oct/14/eyeball-florida-beach-swordfish-video?newsfeed=true you’re welcome.

dear alice #3

dear alice, in a previous letter i’ve referred to you as a female jesus.  i want you to know that i can’t help it. it’s strange to me that i do this.  i mean, i’m not religious.  and yet jesus routinely shows up in my writing.  it’s a form of rebellion.  i was raised in … Read more

dear alice #2

dear alice, seeing as i already know you, i have a favour to ask. could you please appeal to The New Yorker on my friend Lee Kvern’s behalf? she’d very much like a story placed in that magazine and you must know somebody there who could help.  i’ve enclosed a copy of her story “White” … Read more

a letter to alice munro #1

dear alice, we’ve never met but i sometimes think that i know you through your stories. not all the time, of course, because some of your stories are distant. take, for instance, “Friend of my Youth”. i know it’s complete and the wall is symbolic but i can’t connect. is it because it’s set in … Read more


i enjoy freefall writing–that’s where you react to a writing prompt and just write, no pause, no edits, no erasing.  until someone tells you to stop.  it’s fascinating what happens when you free your mind, the skips and jumps that occur.  i use it to ease back into a writing schedule. today’s prompt was:  a … Read more