i enjoy freefall writing–that’s where you react to a writing prompt and just write, no pause, no edits, no erasing.  until someone tells you to stop.  it’s fascinating what happens when you free your mind, the skips and jumps that occur.  i use it to ease back into a writing schedule.

today’s prompt was:  a wild night of love which i took to mean a wild night of sex. because it’s friday.

It’s my 90th birthday and I’m taking myself out for a nice bowl of soup at the restaurant on Shuswap Avenue, the one with the sunscape painted on the wall.  A mural is what they call it.  They serve a nice borscht on Fridays.  And then there’s the waitress, Shirley.  What a woman.  Comely is what they used to call women with a little meat on their bones.  Comely.  I miss that word.  And I’m going to ask her, I’m going to ask Shirley if she’ll come back with me to my room at the Lodge.  Come back and lay down with me for an hour,  that’s what I’ll say.  This world is too busy, Shirley.  This world can miss out on you and me for one measly hour. (Rea Tarvydas)